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Delux Building Management Group

Delux Building Management Group is an industry leader in building and facilities management which we have achieved through providing first class service facility solutions to over 50 luxury high rise buildings, in both New South Wales and Queensland. The company is driven by our passion for the work we do. This underlies our work ethic which is to provide our valued customers with the reassurance that the buildings we work on are maintained and managed with the highest possible level of service.

Delux’s main service focus is delivering high end result to our buildings by providing advanced and progressive building management and cleaning services. With 25 years of experience, Delux offers the best quality services to deliver complete satisfaction for the clients.

We are not happy if our client is not happy. As clients are the most important assets for the business, we consequently always go extra miles to make sure that we meet our client’s expectations and our intention is to always exceed these without compromise. Inspections, WH&S and OH&S related audits are strictly enforced regularly to make sure the high quality services are maintained without having any undesirable incidents.


We are passionate about what we do which is why we bring real attention to detail in every aspect of the services we provide. Invariably our competitors do not see things that we do and this leads to the mindset that we are not happy unless everything is precisely as it should be. We as a company are driven by high expectations for the work we do and our clients benefit from this philosophy in terms of the quality of the services we provide.


We are experts in building and facilities management, working with some of the largest and most reputable developers in Australia. Our staff have been vetted and trained to the highest level in their respective areas, making them the experts you need to immediately take care of your building’s requirements.


We are industry leaders in the building and facilities management sector, bringing to the properties we service exceptional leadership, systems and processes that allow our staff to excel in everything they deliver to our satisfied clients.


We are unique in our approach, which is why we are the leaders in our sector. Our vision is to find the exact way of doing things for our clients and their buildings and create a unique and bespoke system that works for them.


We pride ourselves on our excellent service and surpassing our client’s expectations. Our ethos at Delux Building Management is to strive to be excellent always and always to be excellent. Accordingly, our staff are developed and trained to reflect this ethos in every service they provide and everything they do.

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