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Delux Building Management Group

Delux Building Management Group has been providing well-organised, efficient and experienced building management services over 25 years. We take pride in ensuring your complex is not just a pleasant place to be, but also kept to a high standard of safety, compliance and organisation.

We are experienced professionals well-versed in working alongside owners corporation, tenants, agents and contractors. We use this experience to act decisively and make informed decisions to effect change and solutions.

While our focus is on your complex’s practical requirements, we believe our integrity, accountability and efficiency set us apart.  We are experienced problem solvers you can trust to get the job done.

We can provide a service that is tailored to your complex’s specific needs, from on-site management of large complexes to rostered site visits for smaller buildings – and everything in between.

By taking charge of the day-to-day running of your complex, Delux Building Management will free you up to focus on the administration of your business.

We liaise clearly and efficiently with owners, tenants, committees, trades, and owners corporation, creating space for you to grow your end. It is integral for good decisions to be made in a timely fashion in order to drive successful outcomes.

We are reliable, experienced and fully equipped to deal with the issues and concerns of owners and residents. And we pride ourselves on our communication – we stay in contact and we answer messages, emails, phone calls and provide building management reports. You will be kept fully up to date on your complex.


With 25 years building management experience, Delux Building Management Group provides a full range of professional and quality facility services. Being in the “people business” industry, we are committed to client satisfaction and work continuously to improve and better our services.

Quality Control

Our quality control systems have been refined over time to a point where we know they deliver first class building management services. Our quality control reporting software makes all delivered services trackable and transparent. All sites are inspected by one of the Field Supervisors on a regular basis.

Tailored Solution

We listen to your needs! We understand that no two buildings are the same and each property has its own unique set of specifications and requirements. We employ a committed team comprising of members with a diverse skill set. According to their strengths we choose the most suitable staff that match your property needs and committee expectations.

Cost Efficient

Many organisations have benefited and increased profitability due to Delux’s competitive cost rate. The reason why Delux offers an unbeatable rate is simple. We aim to retain our business and clients as Delux considers them to be our most valuable assets.


Without a properly structured infra, the process of every single task will be delayed. Delux has built a strong infrastructure for the business to be successful and expand further. Delux’s structured infra system enables clients to be dealt with in a more professional manner.

Trusted Advisors

At Delux Group Property Management we take the stress and hard work out of owning investment properties in New South Wales. We only do property management therefore we are never torn between sales and property rentals.

What we can do?

Our Amazing Sevices

Building Management

Delux Building Management Group, as building and facility managers, subscribe to the primary objectives of reducing costs, standardizing operations and improving the overall quality of facilities and related services for our clients professionally.



With a fastidious and diligent approach to cleaning, Delux Building Management Group take pride in keeping communal areas sparkling clean with their green strata cleaning service. Clients will feel safe with the knowledge that the work will be done to the highest possible standards.



Delux Building Management Group offers a specialist garden service for domestic and commercial clients. Our passionate approach to gardening provides the customer with a great look and appeal, regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial property.


Defects Management

Delux Building Management Group liaise closely with owners for all internal defects and log all visual defects in common areas into BMS and report to builder, most of which cases would be closed off prior to formal handover to avoid further escalation or litigation.


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